Training Course


Choosing Mission Business & Name
Our training is a large project on its own. With a Top-Down approach, all trainees will call for a vote & choose a Business amongst below 4 options. The entire course would be aimed at customizing Salesforce to help these businesses processes.

  • Real Estate Builder
  • Automobile Showroom
  • Pest Control
  • IT Services Company
Designating Roles to Trainees (lucky draw)
Systems are best implemented & useful when we put ourselves into shoes of the Stakeholders. We'll select randomly amongst the audience below Roles & decide responsibilties of each.

  • CEO
  • Marketing Team
  • Sales Team
  • Operations Team
  • Etc.
Introduction to Sales Cloud CRM
We'll give you an overview of entire universe & where are you heading towards.

  • What is CRM?
  • History
  • Registering for Free Developer Account
  • Walkthrough of Sales Cloud Navigation (Frontend & Backend)
Company Setup On Salesforce
Configuring below features of to setup Organization's global settings which are important for further rules & reports to work appropriately.

  • Company Information
  • Business Days & Hours
  • Fiscal Year & Holidays
  • Timezone Settings
  • Currencies
  • Language Settings
  • Etc.
Setting Up Users & Access Policies
Configuring all Users on Salesforce & setting up who has Read/Write access to what data in the system.

  • Understanding Licensing System
  • Setting up Profiles (Standard & Custom)
  • Setting up Roles (Standard & Custom)
  • Creating Users & their Assignments & Permissions
Setting up Your Inventory
What are you Selling? It would be properties in terms of Real Estate or Cars for Automobile Industry. This sessions explains how to setup your entire Products/Services on

  • Products
  • Price Books
  • Pricing
  • Renaming Tabs & Objects
  • Custom Fields & Page Layouts
  • Attachments, Documents & Files
  • Etc.
Customizing Leads Object
Decide & Setup how you want to store your prospects (potential customers) information?

  • Standard Sales Process overview of Salesforce (Leads -> Convert -> Account/Contact/Opportunity)
  • Leads Tab
  • List Views
  • Recently Viewed/Created/Modified
  • Standard & Custom Fields
  • Page Layouts
  • Validation Rules
  • Leads Conversion/Qualification Process
Setting Accounts & Contacts
Decide & Setup how you want to store your Customers information?

  • Accounts Object
  • Contacts Object
  • Fields/Layouts/Rules
  • Related Lists
  • Etc.
Customizing Opportunities
Most important object out of all Objects, how to manage ongoing Opportunities/Projects/Deals/etc. This is the place where maximum time of the Users would be spent & is the Crux of entire Salesforce system.

  • Sales Stages
  • Important Standard Fields
  • Linking Products & Services to Opportunities
  • Opportunity Teams / Contact Roles
  • Quotes
  • Partners & Competitors
Trial Business Run
Lets run an actual business flow with the things configured so far & Analyze how its working & what are challenges still.

Tasks & Events Management
So far we basically just created a Data Entry kind of the tool. Now we extend the system to enable actions for Users & utilize the core Task Management features of Salesforce.

  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Calender
  • Reminders
  • Reports & Dashboards for Activities (out of the box)
Workflows & Process Builders
Continuing our efforts to make our system even stronger, now we study introducing Workflows into your Business for better Productivity & automate Business Processes. We'll map relevant processes for the chosen Business Type.

  • Workflow Rules
  • Workflow Actions (Email Alerts, Tasks, Field Update, Outbound Message)
  • Process Builder
  • Process Builder Actions
  • Approval Processes
  • Etc.
Solving problem of Remembering Things to Do
If you have Salesforce, no need to maintain a diary or notepad of Tasks users should do & when to do. We can setup automated reminders & follow up to never loose sight of any Task to be performed.

  • Follow up Tasks
  • Activity Reminders
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Salesforce iOS & Android App (formerly called Salesforce1)
Custom Objects & Functionalities
All above were standard out of the box amazing features of Sales Cloud. Now lets look at scenarious for each Business Type where you'll need to scale the system to have several Custom functionalities implemented. We'll bring real life requirements during the session & together show how to implement them in Salesforce.

  • Record Types vs Custom Objects
  • Custom Tabs
  • Governor Limits
  • Lookups & Master Detail Relationships
  • Etc.
Apex & Visualforce (Part 1)
We'll now take you through tons of requirements where Client would ask you to implement them on Salesforce which are not possible out of the box & we need to write coding for same. This is where the programming fun begins.

  • Version 42.0, Sprint'18 (latest apex & visualforce release)
  • Standard Controllers Usage Examples
  • Custom Controllers Introduction (Apex Classes)
  • Learning apex:page VF tag with required Apex Classes
  • Learning apex:pageBlock VF tag
  • Fetching data from Salesforce & displaying on page using apex:pageBlockTable, apex:dataTable, apex:repeat, etc. VF tags with required Apex Classes
  • Implementing Pagination on above Table-based display of records.
  • Implementing Search & Filters for above programmed tabular display of records.
  • Implementing Selections on above programmed table & providing buttons to Select All, Select None, Delete Selected Records, etc.
  • Converting rendered page to PDF for external uses.
  • Adding AJAX to the same page buttons to not let the Search & Filters buttons refresh whole page.
Apex & Visualforce (Part 2)
Part 1 was all about working on the fetched data. Now we create interactive pages to update data back to Salesforce using several visualforce tags & necessary Apex Classes.

  • Implementing customized views to create new Records into one or more of the used Objects.
  • Trying each of the input visualforce tags, etc. apex:inputText, apex:inputCheckbox, apex:inputField, apex:inputHidden, etc.
  • Adding Javascript Validations to the Visualforce page.
  • Programming Forms post-backs & Apex Messages.
  • Programming Exception Handling in Apex.
  • Overriding default Buttons & Functionalities of Standard Pages in Salesforce.
Apex & Visualforce (Part 3)
These sessions are meant to take you through several other advanced facilities of Apex & Visualforce that are used quite often.

  • Apex Triggers
  • Custom Settings
  • Static Resources
  • Future Methods
  • Apex Test Classes & Sandboxes & Deployments
  • Scheduled Jobs
Reporting & Dashboards
Having learned a lot of Salesforce Administrative & Programming part :) lets relax now & get back to simple stuff again.

  • Standard Available Reports & creating new Reports
  • Standard Available Dashboards & creating new Dashboards
  • Report Types
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Forecasting
Visualforce Sites & Communities & APIs
We'll share another set of requirements that customers have in terns of exposing certain data outside logged in Salesforce & even give Access to people who are external to the organization.

  • Visualforce Sites
  • Customer Community
  • Partner Community
Other Features & Details
Get an overview about other features available with the same Sales Cloud & also knowledge about how to go about buying Salesforce.

  • Case Management
  • Document & Files Management
  • Chatter
  • Outlook & Google Apps Integration
  • Editions & Pricing
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